Holy smokes!

6 03 2012

Sorry for the lack of post’s on here the past few days…Lifes been pretty crazy

things should be picking up however in the next few days!

for now, heres a dope widebody kit painted QD’s own l iAlexxx l

It’s sexy, and its a rotary what more can you ask for?

– DRFR SoCal


Mad dopeness

3 03 2012

I’ve always loved mad mike’s style with his cars, this RX7 is no exception i love the body and the engine and the fact that its sideways is a bonus!

– DRFR SoCal

A Beautiful Obession

29 02 2012


Sometimes things that brought us such entertainment become boring and dull.

One thing that never fades is a love for all things Car related, Particularly German.





Gatebil Dopeness

28 02 2012

– DRFR SoCal

Good morning Here’s a 240 Hatch

28 02 2012

For all our morning readers, heres a hatch to start your day

– DRFR SoCal

[QD] Takahiro “Drift Samurai” Imamura’s D1 BN Sports FC.

27 02 2012

Super dope FC here complete with the sickest lights ive seen on forza for the FC… if you dont buy this then you have no lived!

Price: $35,000

Painted by: l iAlexxx l

Quantity: Unlimited

Keywords: Quantum Designs, BN Sports, Super Now, Tein, D1 Grand Prix, Vigoras, Thrash Garage.

Pics by: END Impulse

Stance Dopeness!

27 02 2012

FDS has a soft spot for rotarys, hense why were building a FD in forza.

This however has made my day, yes the wheels are oversized and the car color choice is unique, but i think thats why i like it

– DRFR SoCal